The problem

Expensive Electricity

Over 40% of your electric bill may be driven by "Demand" charges. Many commercial customers have yet to realize the impact demand charges are having on their operational expenses… More

The solution

A Digital Power Network

eCurv utilizes patented software and secure eCurv controllers to reliably minimize electricity Demand costs… More

The results

Cheaper Electricity

Direct savings of up to 40% off the annual cost of cooling. eCurv enables a shift in thinking - from energy as a commodity - to energy as a manageable cost center. More

Electric Power in the Digital Age

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eCurv News & Events

April 18, 2012
Chris Haidet Joins eCurv Advisory Board
March 10, 2012
eCurv Takes Delivery of First RIA-3™ Production Hardware
February 5, 2012
Sam Bartlett, Brian Mottershead Join eCurv's Technology Team